The Amazing 12 is the World's No. 1 Physique Transformation Program. 

Paul McIlroy's Amazing 12 is a body-transformation system designed to rapidly produce the best improvements in physique, strength and performance humanly possible by natural means
in 12-weeks or less. 

Real Coaching.

Never feel lost again.

We know people can feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to making significant changes. That's why our coaches:

Really listen

To figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish.

Ask questions

To discover what's really important and why.

Pay attention

To make sure you stay on track towards your goal.

Put simply:

We make sure you succeed.

No Fad Workouts.

Just a proven system guaranteed to get results.

What sets us appart is our proven training system.

What we offer our clients is truly life changing.

We know you can feel confused or even scared about the gym.

But our easy to follow system will help you gain confidence and control.

When you see and feel the results, training will become fun again.