What is the Amazing 12?
The Amazing 12 - by Paul McIlroy is a body-transformation system, designed to rapidly produce the best improvements in physique, strength and performance humanly possible by natural means in 12-weeks or less. The program has a 10-year track of success with people of all walks of life, experience levels and abilities. It's coach go through an extensive application process are hand picked and personally trained by Paul McIlroy himself. 


No Fad Workouts.

Just a proven system guaranteed to get results.

What sets us appart is our proven training system.

What we offer our clients is truly life changing.

We know you can feel confused or even scared about the gym.

But our easy to follow system will help you gain confidence and control.

When you see and feel the results, training will become fun again.


How does it work?
While the exact "recipe" is secret, the Amazing 12 utilizes a combination of strength training, a unique method of manipulating programming variables, cardio and a simple-to-follow multi-phase approach to nutrition. Participants train in small groups of 1 to 4 individuals per hour under constant and careful supervision of expertly certified coaches hand-selected by the program's creator, Paul McIlroy. 


Individuals meet 5-consecutive days per week for 12-consecutive weeks.
Training sessions typically last an hour but can run shorter or longer depending on the individual.  Depending on the individual participants may have some additional, but simple homework assigned to them to performed seperate from training.


If you show up and follow the program you WILL get amazing results. I personally guarantee it, or your money back.